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"Hell on Church Street" The Chuck Dudrey Transformation


Hell on Church Street
The Chuck Dudrey Transformation
Charles Dudrey shares his story of survival in the autobiography "Hell on Church Street" taking you to the center of drama and violence as hell unfolds in his life as a small boy. You will feel like you’re standing right there as he is nearly beaten to death!
Months later in the early morning hours of a cold November day a small boy awakens to the sound of a gun fire and his mother lies mortally wounded on the kitchen floor.

During the next several years the writer endures hideous and unspeakable abuse by his father and a woman pretending to be his step mother. He lives in a state of constant horror and turmoil never knowing when his abusers will attack and strike, perhaps even killing him.

It could come at any moment without warning. He is assaulted and beat unmercifully with broom handles, mop wringers, whipped with extension cords and beat repeatedly for years. In his mind he withdraws and dreams of a better life, clinging to hope that he will someday escape with his life.

Years later working as a Bounty Hunter he has found a place where he is comfortable in life, a place that is familiar. The author feels right at ease tracking down and arresting bail jumpers.

Beating up and assaulting people for hire has become an occupation. Using the same techniques and methods he learned growing up, fear, violence and intimidation.

He feels at home working in the streets, dark alleys and night clubs. He has learned how to live and survive how to hustle in the fast lane.

Then right before your eyes Charles Dudrey’s life takes a unexpected turn! You will not want to put this book down until the end!!!

Why did they hate me

Charles Dudrey's is interviewed on National Television Watch it now!

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To Contact Charles Dudrey
Jesus Saved me
On the evening of October 11, 1990 I asked Jesus into my life! I had come to a place in life where I was so disappointed with myself that I felt hopeless and all alone. With tears streaming from my eyes and crying uncontrollably I called out to God and asked Him to save my soul!
God loves you too!
And so now I invite you to ask God to save your soul too!! Repeat this prayer out load! Father God I confess that I am a sinner and in need of a savior so please forgive me of all the wrongs in my life ,cleanse me from the sin I have committed and clean my mind of impure thoughts! I trust you God and thank you, I will serve you all the day's of my life. Thank you in Jesus Name! If you prayed this prayer The Bible says your born again!!! John 3:16 So now go and share what God did for you with someone!! The Bible states that if you believe with your heart and confess that Jesus is Lord you will be saved!
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